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The Method

Our approach allows all interactions to take place directly with the consumer who is the most important asset to any company. We are extremely successful at making a positive impression on the customer and bringing them directly to the brands we are hired to represent. Our clients value this because we can accurately gauge how successful each interaction was when compared to handing flyers out or even a large television campaign. In addition, it’s much harder to ignore a smiling human face than a billboard. This means that even if we don’t bring the customer directly to the client today, an impact is made and this can lead to future customers.

We start each campaign by specifically identifying the Unique Selling Point (USP) of our client’s products or services. From there we start to research and identify the market best suited to the client, to ensure we have the highest exposure possible. React has a rapid process from planning to implementation; we can launch a campaign in a matter of weeks.

Our Services

The clients that we work with range from telecommunications companies to health care and non-profit organizations, and even sports brands.


Right now we are focusing on these following services:

Brand Activation                                                               Promotional Events

Exhibitions                                                                         Tradeshows

Marketing                                                                           Pop-ups

We Have An All-Star Team.

React is a support-focused company; we lift one another up and often describe ourselves as a family. We learn from one another, grow and develop as a collective. If one member of the pack is struggling, we are there to guide and assist. We hope that our company values provide insight into React, detailing our connection to the delicacy. Traditional with a frequent element of innovation, unique and a little extravagant.


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